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Nil Akash

Nil Akash (Bengali: নীল আকাশ) is a family name which currently includes five family members. The origin of this family is from Bangladesh. Currently, they are living in the United States.


The pen name of the Family members are:


The Nil-Akash family is a very simple family. They are just like other people. But there is something special about this family, the members. It’s the members that make this family always come up on CanN with weird stories. It’s the members that always help their neighbors with things that they don’t know about. And it’s the family who always stays happy, even when someone has a bad day. That doesn’t mean that they are stupid, Nila and Nirobs kids are very special, they always get good marks on tests, which make their parents proud, since their children are doing good, they always have a party on Saturday and Sunday. Although, Neel the smallest out of the three, this baby is always on to something, to get his brother sister in trouble. He is very naughty. Therefore, Nila and Nirob never see anything bad about their baby Neel.

Family Blog

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